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John Graham aka QUIVVER





As a multi talented DJ, producer and vocalist, John has always had the support of DJ giants such as Sasha, Tong, Oakenfold and Digweed – while also having his early Skanna efforts lapped up by drum & bass royalty like Fabio, Grooverider and Doc Scott. After inking an early deal with A&M in the UK and being championed by Paul Oakenfold, he joined Perfecto for several legendary releases, then the Hooj Choons and Virgin's ‘VC’ labels for additional projects. John went on to establish his own ‘Boz Boz’ label and more recently, released tracks on ‘Bedrock,’ ‘Toolroom,’ ‘Raid/Strictly Rhythm’ and ‘Yoshitoshi.

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John Graham - Cold SunJohn Graham - Cold Sun

John Graham - Cold Sun

UK born but now US based, John Graham’s new album is set to reach these shores showcasing slick, contemporary indie-rock with electronic touches and a heap of swagger. With influences including the Stone roses, Kasabian, The Cure, Depeche mode and more, it’s an album full of ideas which is primed to make an impact. The album is something of a departure for Graham, whose previous work under the name Quivver has seen him gaining countless plaudits producing house and techno music.

However, ‘Cold Sun’ and lead single ‘Roll the Dice’ prove that there are multiple strings to this particular bow, by turning out tunes which are strongly based on the indie rock genre. These hook laden, energetic tracks are then laced with dynamic electronic ideas, ported over from his experience in the EDM genres, to give them extra flavour. It’s not common that indie, rock and electronic ideas are mixed so effectively, with the latter adding superb textures to the former, and it’s certainly one hell of a combination thanks to the subtlety of John Graham’s genre bending.

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